Freshly cooked corn tortilla chips
with homemade guacamole

Pickled and sliced jalapenos
lightly floured and fried. 

CARNITA FLAUTAS /         14.50
Pulled Pork, wrapped in corn tortillas fried & finished off with sour cream, fresh lettuce & pico de gallo

CEVICHE SALAD / DF                                       14.50
Citrus cured Hervey bay scallops and prawns tossed through fresh house made salad

TRES SALSAS /  V, DF                               12.50
A trio of house made salsas served
with freshly fried tortilla chips

GAZPACHO /  DF                               16.50
House made chilled Gazpacho with freshly seared Hervey bay scallops, prawns, calamari and freshly fried tortilla chips

JALAPENO POPPERS /  V                              13.50
Chilli, lime cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, fried and served with chipotle mayo

VEGAN POPPERS /  GV                              13.50
Spiced rice and black bean stuffed jalapenos, fried and served with salsa verde

PRAWN SKEWERS                                     14.50
Grilled spice rubbed prawns with char corn, chipotle mayo and fresh herbs

2 soft corn tortillas per serving 

CARNE ASADA / DF                                        $15.50
Succulent soy marinated beef,
topped with tomatillo salsa verde,
finely chopped white onion & coriander

CARNITAS /  DF                                                17.50
Pan fried chilli pork with guacamole,
pickled onion, mint, coriander and diced green

DE POLLO /                                                 16.50
Pan fried chicken tossed through a 
red mole sauce, served with corn crema, 
pickled onion and roasted almonds

MARISCOS/                                                 18.50
Freshly pan fried prawns and Hervey bay scallops in a salsa verde, served on corn crema and topped with corn and lemon crumble

PESCADO                                                  17.50
Battered fish, fresh red cabbage,
guacamole, topped with chipotle mayo &
fresh pico de gallo

VEGETARINO / GV                                   15.50
Roasted cauliflower, camote, corn and black bean with guacamole, red cabbage and pico de gallo

CHOOSE ANY 3                                                        22.50
Your choice of any of the above tacos

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS /                             18.50
Succulent chicken, wrapped in corn tortillas soaked in salsa roja and oven baked with queso

SEAFOOD ENCHILADAS                                     20.50
Hervey Bay scallops and prawns wrapped in corn tortillas with tomatillo and oven baked with queso

CHICKEN MOLE SALAD /  DF                             19.50
Warm chicken breast tossed through
a spiced mole sauce served with quinoa, rocket, raisins,
lime, salad and topped with ground almonds.

TOSTADAS / DF                             18.50
Seared calamari and prawns served on a fried corn tortilla with frijoles, salsa roja, fresh salad and pico de gallo

CHILLI CON CARNE / DF*                22.50
Beef, chorizo and black beans stewed slowly with spices and tomato, sour cream served with fresh corn tortilla chips and Mexican rice

MUSHROOM QUESADILLA                              21.50
Oregano marinated mushrooms & grilled bell peppers with salsa verde, queso and chipotle mayo

NACHOS       /                                                     20.50
Freshly fried tortilla chips, layered
w/ pork carnitas, pineapple habanero salsa, guacamole,
pico de gallo & cheese

FAJITA PLATE                                                           21.50 or 23.50
Marinated beef rump or Pan fried prawns and bell pepper strips, pico de gallo, salsa verde, sour cream, cheese with flour tortillas

BURRITO                                                         17.50
Flour tortilla stuffed w/ pan fried chicken
bell peppers, tomato,  mexican rice, beans,
guacamole, cheese, roja salsa and pico de gallo

DE POLLO QUESADILLA                                         22.50
Shredded chicken and fire roasted bell peppers in a tomato, herb sauce with salsa verde and chipotle mayo

CHIMICHANGA                                                  17.50
Deep fried burrito stuffed w/ slow cooked
rich blend of beef, chorizo, tomato and chilli, 
mexican rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo

10 years & younger:

PORK TACOS / DF*                                                   10.00
MINI NACHOS                                                           10.00
CHICKEN NUGGETS & RICE   / DF                   10.00
BATTERED FISH & FRIES    / DF                       10.00

GUACAMOLE / GF, GV        4.50
FRIJOLES / GF                      5.50
CORN BREAD/                      4.50
SOUR CREAM                        2.50
VEGAN CHEESE / GF, GV         3.00

*  Substitute meat products with our marinated veg mix

*  Please advice your server of all dietary requirements

Beer, wine and all sealed beverages available takeaway