Freshly cooked corn tortilla chips
with homemade guacamole

Pickled and sliced jalapenos
lightly floured and fried. 

CARNITA FLAUTAS / GF         14.50
Pulled Pork, wrapped in corn tortillas fried & finished off with sour cream, fresh lettuce & pico de gallo

TRES SALSAS / GF, V, DF                               12.50
A trio of house made salsas served
with freshly fried tortilla chips

JALAPENO POPPERS / GF, V                              13.50
Chilli, lime cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, fried and served with chipotle mayo

VEGAN POPPERS / GF, GV                              13.50
Spiced rice and black bean stuffed jalapenos, fried and served with salsa verde

PRAWN SKEWERS                                     14.50
Grilled spice rubbed prawns with char corn, chipotle mayo and fresh herbs

2 soft corn tortillas per serving 

CARNE ASADA / GF, DF                                        $15.50
Succulent soy marinated beef,
topped with tomatillo salsa verde,
finely chopped white onion & coriander

CARNITAS / GF, DF                                                17.50
Pan fried chilli pork with guacamole,
pickled onion, mint, coriander and diced green

DE POLLO / GF                                                 16.50
Pan fried chicken tossed through a 
red mole sauce, served with corn crema, 
pickled onion and roasted almonds

LA GAMBA / GF                                                 17.50
Freshly pan fried prawns in a Latin chimichurri, served on corn crema and topped with corn and lemon crumble

CRUMBED PESCADO                                       17.50
Battered fish, fresh red cabbage,
guacamole, topped with chipotle mayo &
fresh pico de gallo

VEGETARINO / GF, GV                                   15.50
Marinated jackfruit, camote, corn and black bean with guacamole, red cabbage and pico de gallo

CHOOSE ANY 3                                                        21.50
Your choice of any of the above tacos

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS / GF                             17.50
Succulent chicken, wrapped in corn tortillas soaked in salsa roja and oven baked with queso

CHICKEN MOLE SALAD / GF, DF                             18.50
Warm chicken breast tossed through
a spiced mole sauce served with quinoa, rocket, raisins,
lime, salad and topped with ground almonds.

CHILLI CON CARNE / GF, DF*                21.50
Beef, chorizo and black beans stewed slowly with spices and tomato served with fresh corn tortilla chips and Mexican rice

MUSHROOM QUESADILLA                              21.50
Oregano marinated mushrooms & grilled bell peppers with salsa verde, queso and chipotle mayo

NACHOS       / GF                                                    19.50
Freshly fried tortilla chips, layered
w/ pork carnitas, pineapple habanero salsa, guacamole,
pico de gallo & cheese

FAJITA PLATE                                                           21.50
Marinated beef rump and bell pepper strips, pico de gallo, salsa verde, sour cream, cheese with flour tortillas

BURRITO                                                         17.50
Flour tortilla stuffed w/ pan fried chicken
bell peppers, tomato,  mexican rice, beans,
guacamole, cheese, roja salsa and pico de gallo

DE POLLO QUESADILLA                                         22.50
Shredded chicken and fire roasted bell peppers in a tomato, herb sauce with salsa verde and chipotle mayo

CHIMICHANGA                                                  17.50
Deep fried burrito stuffed w/ slow cooked
rich blend of beef, chorizo, tomato and chilli, 
mexican rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo and chipotle mayo

10 years & younger:

PORK TACOS / GF                                                   10.00
CHICKEN ENCHILADA w/ SALAD  / GF          10.00
CHICKEN NUGGETS & RICE   / GF, DF            10.00
BATTERED FISH & FRIES    / GF, DF                10.00

GUACAMOLE / GF, GV        4.50
FRIJOLES / GF                      5.50
CORN BREADE / GF            4.50
SOUR CREAM                        2.50
VEGAN CHEESE / GF, GV         3.00

*  Substitute meat products with our marinated veg mix


Beer, wine and all sealed beverages available takeaway